Foot Fetishism Explained

This is one of THE most common fetishes in the BDSM world....'mainly' held by men, foot fetishists simply love feet - the smell, the shape, the intimacy they create, the feel of them on their body, they love to worship them....the attached article is a wonderful insight into one man's experience of how he became and foot fetishist/worshipper - it's truly a great read. Do not be embarrassed if you feel like this also - it's common as dirt ;)


Unfulfilled Fantasies? Visit The Kastle in Sydney.

You've had the urge, the pulse racing when you fantasise about how you could unleash your every secret desire and've 'seen' it all play out in your mind, but you have noone to explore that with....that can be an incredibly frustrating place to be at!

Catering for couples, switches, submissives and Dominants, The Kastle is Sydney’s most successful BDSM dungeon, with over 25 years experience establishing an atmosphere of trust, exploration, and adventure, where your most powerful fantasies may be realized, and your deepest desires fulfilled.

Please read our attached article detailing the services and experience you can get right here in Sydney's inner CBD. And better still - don't neglect yourself any longer! Give it a try ;)

Sensory Deprivation - What you can Expect

For some - being deprived of sight and sound can be a truly scary thought....but if you're willing to try experimenting, this sensation can heighten and clarify so many feelings and emotions.

Have a gander at this attached article from A Submissive's Initiative to learn all about the truths of this practice.


Breath Play - Very Important Information

This article from The Original Institute talks about one beautifully kinky play found in the world of BDSM - note I said 'play' - this is not about breath control. It's not as dangerous as it sounds when you know what you're doing ;) Take a leaf out of this article - safety issues, different ways to play, even the human anatomy! You'll find it all right here, kinksters!


The Fine Art of Shibari

This fascinating article from Hikari Kesho talks about the ancient Japanese art form of rope bondage. From it's traditions to modern usage, everything that's ever piqued your interest about this sensual subject is referred to here.

I've also included here a link to our own Studio Kink here in Sydney so anyone close-by can check them out and head along to one of their many workshops on this subject.


The Riding Crop

There's something soooo sensual about riding crops....(or is that just me...?) ;) There's different shapes and sizes, you can use them in so many erotic ways, from pushing your pain barrier, pony play, percussion play, ahhhh the list goes on....the attached article provides loads of information on what crops are best, the sturdier materials, the safe way to play with them - i hope you enjoy as much as I did :)


Vacbeds and boxes - yes i'm speaking English ;)

This article has nothing to do with household chores, be assured. For all those latex fetishists out there, this is the ultimate experience in total enclosure....

Just imagine being inside a latex 'sack' with all the air removed by vacuum.....a breathing tube may be your only form of air....sound scary? Read this attached article to find out just how arousing this form of bondage can be...


Latex 101

Here's a great little article on how to spice up your life with that all time fave....RUBBER ;) let it transform not only the way you look but mot 'definitely' the way you feel. Slipping into this second skin really does feel like slipping on the 'sexy' that's been hidden deep down for far too long...enjoy the ride (and the slippery sensation) of all things latex....


Re-defining our relationships


This book was a 'must-read' for me on my journey toward becoming polyamourous. Some may say it's selfish, impractical, hedonistic - and at times, i guess it certainly can feel like that. But at it's heart, it's because I have a big heart, and so much love to give of different kinds. My belief in the human spirit to love infinitely is strong - and this book gives a true and real insight into how it can be done at its best! :) Highly recommended.

Understanding the BDSM Culture

Well it's not exactly the 'first' thing you open discussion with round the dinner table, is it? Being able to explain and understand yours or someone else's interest in the BDSM world can be quite confronting at times - yes, even to you!

You're not alone in this big wide world - there is enough room for everyone and their expressions - well, as long as their good ;)

This wonderful article goes into great depth about the 'whys and wherefores' of BDSM, D/s culture - really well worth the read!


Living Doll Sub-Culture

This is a topic that not many of us really know about. Men who dress as 'living dolls' is fast becoming it's own sub-culture and gaining in popularity. 'Maskers' are experts at hiding their identity completely using latex and rubber - transforming themselves into Living Dolls. Have a read of this fascinating article and attached video to really open your mind to what's out there.