Review - Felicity Lovers Pack by Little Hussy


Felicity of Melbourne have brought out a ‘Lovers’ Pack’ in the last 12 months which is presented gorgeously to the buyer upon arrival.

Felicity by Little Hussy is a gift-wrapped box containing 4 toys plus Karma Sutra cards. Included are a G spot vibrator, 1 Healthy Simplicity rabbit vibrating massager, 1 ‘rabbit ears’ vibrator and 1 set of kegel balls.

The ‘Rock n Rhythm’ G spot vibrator is included in this gift box and boy, does it do the job oh-so-well! With an 11.5cm shaft which broadens from base to tip at a lovely 3cm diameter, a 3 separate motor design to heighten or decrease your sensations at the touch of a button, 10 speed settings, made from medical grade ABS + silicone AND it’s waterproof!  Added bonus here is it needs no future batteries to be purchased - just charge her up and off you go.  This little baby really hits ‘the’ spot! With it’s form-fitting design and sleek feel, even without being switched on you’ll automatically be ‘turned on’ once you insert this shaft into your hot little nether-regions ;) It slips effortlessly into position for you to enjoy every earthquaking shudder it induces! Each change in the settings brings on another overwhelming wave of complete surrender to it’s power. It may take a while to work yourself up to the highest setting - but the blessing by fire is worth every painstaking shudder.

The Healthy Simplicity massager is made of medical grade silicone and is splash proof.  It has an insertable length of 11.3cm and a main body of 3.2cm in diameter.  It has 4 intensities plus 3 pulse modes.  This is one of my personal favourites. Many vibrators that have a clit-stim attached do NOT fit in all the ‘right’ places....this one really does! It’s perfectly positioned to allow unadulterated access to your clitoris while simultaneously filling you with the steady vibrations of the shaft. Clicking through the settings from gentle to ‘far out!’ is a wild ride of intensity and thigh-quivering pleasure.  It slides so easily once lubricated and the hand-grip is moulded for a perfectly angled thrust.

The Intense Vitality vibrator (or as I like to refer to him - my widdle wabbit with the waggly ears) leaves me breathless every’s splash proof, has 3 intensities with 7 pulse modes, is rechargeable, and his satisfying flexible ears sit perfectly flush against you.  The best thing? The eyes light up when you turn him on - and flash and pulse as you change settings. ‘Intense’? sure as shit is! This will make you wrap your shaking legs around it and caress it with selfish joy! (just don’t lose him up there!) ;) This cute little toy is cunningly deceitful in it’s appearance. So innocent looking - yet so wicked in its results. It really does make you wonder if that little clit of yours is going to fall off after all the abuse it suffers at the ‘ears’ of this wascally wabbit! I have never felt vibrations like this one before or since!No matter what the time of year - it’s always Rabbit Season ;)

Finally - the kegel balls - just how ‘does’ one describe the sensation one gets with jiggly balls filling their insides?  Perhaps like the old lady who swallowed a wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her ;)  As these two little balls of silicone gently float away inside the wearer - they start sending subtle little sensations your body hardly even notice....until you happen to accidentally brush your hand across your pubic area and cream your nice clean panties in an explosion of unexpected pleasure. I like wearing mine while doing the grocery shopping...can anyone actually ‘hear’ them clapping against each other or is it just me?? am i walking kinda funny?? do i really care??