Len - Photograph copyright © Peter Adams

Welcome to my writing and art.

I am an erotic photographic artist residing in Sydney, Australia.

I have been queer all of my life, yet for many years I kept my true desires and inner self hidden from the world. Only recently have I allowed himself out to play.

Since discovering the kinky community I immediately identified as being part of it. I embarked on a journey of self discovery exploring my inner self.

I like to describe himself as a sensualist, naturally dominant, a bisexual bohemian, eccentric, sometimes introverted and yet at others wildly extroverted.  A sexual adventurer.  Definitely queer. An explorer of the finer arts of kink and fetish worlds.

I am polyamorous, and follows the Relationship Anarchy Manifesto. I have has multiple kinky relationships with women, men and transgender lovers.

This is a place for me to talk about my journey, show you my art and broaden the conversation with others.

I have so many stories to tell and images to share.

Please enjoy....