Breath Play - Very Important Information

This article from The Original Institute talks about one beautifully kinky play found in the world of BDSM - note I said 'play' - this is not about breath control. It's not as dangerous as it sounds when you know what you're doing ;) Take a leaf out of this article - safety issues, different ways to play, even the human anatomy! You'll find it all right here, kinksters!


The Fine Art of Shibari

This fascinating article from Hikari Kesho talks about the ancient Japanese art form of rope bondage. From it's traditions to modern usage, everything that's ever piqued your interest about this sensual subject is referred to here.

I've also included here a link to our own Studio Kink here in Sydney so anyone close-by can check them out and head along to one of their many workshops on this subject.


The Riding Crop

There's something soooo sensual about riding crops....(or is that just me...?) ;) There's different shapes and sizes, you can use them in so many erotic ways, from pushing your pain barrier, pony play, percussion play, ahhhh the list goes on....the attached article provides loads of information on what crops are best, the sturdier materials, the safe way to play with them - i hope you enjoy as much as I did :)


Whip it Good! ;)

You've heard them at carnivals, at circuses, at rodeos....but when you hear a whip crack on someone's bare skin it really makes you stop in your tracks! Imagine it being 'your' skin that strip of leather swipes across so swiftly and accurately....forget the cigarette being cracked out of your mouth - this little article about whips and their use in BDSM will leave you feeling smokin' hot! ;)


The Hellfire Club

You've heard of it....but what 'exactly' is it?  The attached article is the personal story of the Hellfire Club, Sydney.  It first opened it's doors over 20 years ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since.

For your next opportunity to visit the Club -  now located at the Midnight Shift on Oxford St, Darlinghurst - make sure you leave Boxing Day evening totally empty - and head on down ;) This one will be total rip-snorter!  To find out EVERYTHING - please contact the club via the following Facebook link:

Thanks Master Tom and Ultra for giving the Sydney kink scene such a welcoming place to have fun without judgement!