Time to get your 'Mistress' on....

The infamous book is a 'must-read' for all who aspire or feel deep down in their groin that they were born to be a Mistress - to take control of not only all of your BDSM relationships but also your whole life. Forget the rest (for now) and start your Mistressing life with this ripper of a read!

Sensory Deprivation - What you can Expect

For some - being deprived of sight and sound can be a truly scary thought....but if you're willing to try experimenting, this sensation can heighten and clarify so many feelings and emotions.

Have a gander at this attached article from A Submissive's Initiative to learn all about the truths of this practice.

Source: http://asibdsm.com/bdsm-basics-sound-senso...

The Riding Crop

There's something soooo sensual about riding crops....(or is that just me...?) ;) There's different shapes and sizes, you can use them in so many erotic ways, from pushing your pain barrier, pony play, percussion play, ahhhh the list goes on....the attached article provides loads of information on what crops are best, the sturdier materials, the safe way to play with them - i hope you enjoy as much as I did :)

Source: http://kinky-world.net/?p=201

Whip it Good! ;)

You've heard them at carnivals, at circuses, at rodeos....but when you hear a whip crack on someone's bare skin it really makes you stop in your tracks! Imagine it being 'your' skin that strip of leather swipes across so swiftly and accurately....forget the cigarette being cracked out of your mouth - this little article about whips and their use in BDSM will leave you feeling smokin' hot! ;)

Source: http://dominantguide.com/509/love-at-first...

Latex 101

Here's a great little article on how to spice up your life with that all time fave....RUBBER ;) let it transform not only the way you look but mot 'definitely' the way you feel. Slipping into this second skin really does feel like slipping on the 'sexy' that's been hidden deep down for far too long...enjoy the ride (and the slippery sensation) of all things latex....

Source: http://couples.getlusty.com/Article/7448/L...

Understanding the BDSM Culture

Well it's not exactly the 'first' thing you open discussion with round the dinner table, is it? Being able to explain and understand yours or someone else's interest in the BDSM world can be quite confronting at times - yes, even to you!

You're not alone in this big wide world - there is enough room for everyone and their expressions - well, as long as their good ;)

This wonderful article goes into great depth about the 'whys and wherefores' of BDSM, D/s culture - really well worth the read!

Source: http://understandingbdsm.blogspot.com.au/

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) The Beginner's Guide :)

That's right folks - NOT Cognitive Brain Therapy! That's not how Kinky Lens' rolls! ;) If you haven't run away with your hands between your legs yet, boys - READ ON! Everything you could possibly want to know about how, why, what happens, where to start - is all contained in this great article from Uber Kinky.

What more could you want from your Sunday morning? Now we have your right where we want you..... ;)

Source: http://www.uberkinky.co.uk/essential-guide...