Foot Fetishism Explained

This is one of THE most common fetishes in the BDSM world....'mainly' held by men, foot fetishists simply love feet - the smell, the shape, the intimacy they create, the feel of them on their body, they love to worship them....the attached article is a wonderful insight into one man's experience of how he became and foot fetishist/worshipper - it's truly a great read. Do not be embarrassed if you feel like this also - it's common as dirt ;)


Time to get your 'Mistress' on....

The infamous book is a 'must-read' for all who aspire or feel deep down in their groin that they were born to be a Mistress - to take control of not only all of your BDSM relationships but also your whole life. Forget the rest (for now) and start your Mistressing life with this ripper of a read!

Unfulfilled Fantasies? Visit The Kastle in Sydney.

You've had the urge, the pulse racing when you fantasise about how you could unleash your every secret desire and've 'seen' it all play out in your mind, but you have noone to explore that with....that can be an incredibly frustrating place to be at!

Catering for couples, switches, submissives and Dominants, The Kastle is Sydney’s most successful BDSM dungeon, with over 25 years experience establishing an atmosphere of trust, exploration, and adventure, where your most powerful fantasies may be realized, and your deepest desires fulfilled.

Please read our attached article detailing the services and experience you can get right here in Sydney's inner CBD. And better still - don't neglect yourself any longer! Give it a try ;)

Sensory Deprivation - What you can Expect

For some - being deprived of sight and sound can be a truly scary thought....but if you're willing to try experimenting, this sensation can heighten and clarify so many feelings and emotions.

Have a gander at this attached article from A Submissive's Initiative to learn all about the truths of this practice.


Nyotaimori - Would you eat sushi from a naked model? ;)

Of course you would! And so would I ;) Not that it's something you see everyday - especially here in Oz...but if you could follow the yellow brick road to where a naked female form lay bare with delicious seafood and sushi and flowers all over her - wouldn't you follow it? Let's learn ALL about Nyotaimori - who knows - it could be 'just' the inspiration you've been looking for... ;)